NO PANTS is a music blog & radio show dedicated to showcasing & celebrating the best underground, independent and commercial music made by women all over the world. NO PANTS has no limits and includes female-identifying artists both locally (in Australia, that is – we’re based in Melbourne) and internationally, old and new.
Listen to the radio show on Triple R 102.7FM, 10pm–midnight on Sundays.


Because we’re totally dedicated to going commando at all times of day. Nahhh, NO PANTS is a bit of a lark, alluding to the (obviously archaic) ideas that a) real ladies wear skirts and dresses, and b) women striving for equality in any way are merely trying to ‘wear the pants’ (reductive much?). Enough about the pants! Ditch the pants, and skirts and dresses, and any other fallacious signifiers of gender. Forget about the bottom half and what it means. NO PANTS. Okay? Okay. Now let’s focus on the main issue here – great music.


Who are you?
I believe this is the page you’re looking for.


Are you a feminist blog?
First and foremost we’d call this a music blog, but sure, why not? The editors of NO PANTS identify strongly with particular feminisms, but that’s not necessarily the only reason we’re here. NO PANTS is about the music and is about visibility; providing a space where female-identifying artists get the attention they might have missed out on in the past (or if they didn’t, we’re just refreshing the attention we believe they deserve!).  And if you dare to even utter the words “affirmative action” we’ll spit on your shoes – and potentially call out your wet adult contemporary music blog for unfairly privileging wet adult contemporary music. YEAH.

Basically, we started NO PANTS because we wanted to read a blog about women in music that didn’t have Ani DiFranco at the top of the page (no offense Ani, we’re sure you’re an alright kinda gal).
Click here to read Sara’s NO PANTS ‘manifesto’, which appeared in the April 2013 issue of The Trip magazine for a closer look at the story behind the NO PANTS website and radio show.


Can I contribute?
NO PANTS is a collaborative blog that has a tiny team of regular contributors we’re very happy with. However, if you’ve got some suggestions for us, head on over to the CONTACT page and drop us a line. If we haven’t heard it before and we like it enough to post it, we’ll give you credit where it’s due. Please bear in mind that NO PANTS is an eternal work-in-progress and your suggestion may already be on our list.


Credits: NO PANTS’ background image comes courtesy of Melbourne-based musician and artist Sarah Mary Chadwick. See more of her art here, or listen to her music here.