NO PANTS Best Of 2012 Mix


2012 was totally fucked! We don’t know about you guys, but here at NO PANTS we had a crazy year that we’d rather not dwell on for too long – instead we’ll just reflect on some of the great sounds that got us through the hospital stays, breakups and late nights at Noodle Kingdom.

Tune in to RRR tonight from 10pm-midnight to hear us counting down our top 10 hits of the year (except not really ‘counting down’, because they’re all good songs and we’ve listed them in no particular order). Click ‘show playlist’ to stream the songs below:

Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down
Daphne: I always ruin this song for friends because at 3:31 it really blooms and unfurls in waves of beautiful, cathartic despair. Of course I ruin all anticipation and wreck everything by being like “listen to this bit, listen to this bit!” as it approaches.


Tamaryn – Heavenly Bodies
Sara: Lyrics aren’t something you usually pick up on in fuzzy shoegaze songs (and I’m one of those people that always hears lyrics incorrectly – “don’t go Jason Waterfalls” is a great song), but for some reason whenever I listen to this song in my car I find myself singing along to the simple but great lyrics, especially the bit where she says (I think): “She’s a fool / But time is a thief / When it comes in to say / Her love has to wait”. Anyway, the astronomical title of this song truly denotes the celestial feeling of listening to it. Definitely one of my favourite tracks, and albums, of 2012.

Pearls – Oh Jeffery
Daphne: I like how ‘Melbourne’ this band sounds without being a Melbourne cliché. Their songs are cavernously loud and the volume kind of sinks into you until you find yourself staring at your beer wondering if you should slip away quietly when the set is over and go home and like, have a think about the music or something. [NB: This song isn't actually from 2012, but we listened to it so much this year we thought it was worthy of a mention.]

Oh Jeffery – Demo by Pearls.

Terrible Truths – Don Juan
Sara: I think I’ve played a Terrible Truths song every time I’ve done a radio show this year on RRR. This song from their split 7″ with Hissey Miyake was one of my favourites of the year, and kicking off 2012 watching them play it by the pond at Camp A Low Hum festival in New Zealand was a pretty stellar way to start the year.

Terrible Truths – Don Juan by bedroom suck


Lana del Rey – On Our Way
Daphne: I love the spacious, cinematic production of Lana Del Rey’s music but I also really dig the softer, more sentimental sounds from her Lizzy Grant days. I listened to this ceaselessly while missing a boy who was on tour, unwilling to crawl out of the lovelorn, maudlin hole I completely enjoyed digging for myself (gross). I think Lana would approve though.

Bushwalking – Visual Jam Doughnut
Sara: I’m normally a little turned off by excessive chanting in songs, but for some reason the chanted harmonies coupled with fast-moving guitars and solid drums resulted in this song being on high rotation for me ever since it was released earlier in the year. Props on the title too (‘Natural Vagina’ and ‘Bath Sex’ are also notable song titles from this album).

Azaelia Banks – 212
Daphne: Obviously.

Angel Haze – New York
Sara: Angel Haze to me embodies a lot of what NO PANTS is about. Overflowing with talent, her raps travel faster than bad news and cover some pretty heavy topics without it being distracting or overpowering. Like NO PANTS, Angel Haze isn’t about being aligned with any one genre or culture, and she doesn’t discount the power of pop music in changing the musical status quo. I picked New York as my favourite AH track of the year simply because its play count on my iTunes is off the hook, but you should definitely check out her latest release Classick. At the risk of sounding like a Grade-A wanker, Angel Haze is definitely ‘one to watch’.



ROMY – Elixir
Daphne: This song is the perfect ‘getting ready to go out’ track, either alone and krumping hard in front of the bathroom mirror, or with other people who then go, “this is cool, is it old or new?” The hammering hi-hats help you put on your makeup faster but the growly spoken parts keep you grounded and stop you from having a house music-induced heart attack.

ELIXIR by House-of-Romyo

Solange Knowles – Losing You
Sara: The catchy, upbeat ‘silver lining’ song of the year for failed casual relationships everywhere, and Dev Hynes’ greatest pop collaboration yet.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: The Orbweavers ‘The Hook’, Sarah Chadwick ‘Shards’, Prince Rama ‘So Destroyed’, Jessica Says & Emma Russack ‘Little Kick’, Summer Flake ‘Inside Out’.

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